Cesar Chavez

To make a great dream come true,
the first requirement is a great capacity to dream:
the second is persistance.

Cesar Chavez

























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Executive Director    
Caryl Thomas   104
Business Manager    
Deborah Albrycht   101
Office Staff    
Tani Arness Registrar 102
Karina Cuara Reception 100
Nathan Everett Attendance/Data 126
Sp. Ed. Director    
Shelley Baquet   109
Social Worker    
Sarah Herbert   110
Elke Zinnert   115

Instructional Staff: please call the office, 877-0558

Joseph Baca Art, Photo & Service Learning  
Marietta Benevento Reading  
Laurie Boyce Math  
Joseph Crumb Careers, English & ELL  
Jeanine Fischer Health, FACS, GRADS & Reading  
Stephanie Harrington Social Studies  
Laurie Ihm Sp. Ed & Social Studies  
Dominic Jelso Science  
David Lang Math  
Jennifer Schneider English  
Valerie Taylor Math  
Educational Assistants    
Rodrigo Martinez Library  
Nancy McKeand    
Jeff Reilly    


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